Almisbah Car Hub

The Requirement

ALMISBAH CAR-RENTAL AND AGRO-SUPPORT EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. is a Mangalore-based company who were in the process of starting their business of rental cars and were looking for a way to drive most of their sales online.

They needed a website that would provide their customers a seamless booking experience and at the same time drive down their operating costs as well as a way to internally make handling multiple bookings and vehicles a breeze.

Our Approach

We worked with the client to understand their requirements and since they had a strict GTM timeline, we worked with them in understanding in what would constitute a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

With their requirements and timeline in mind, we set out to evaluate what would be the best technology stack that would be performant and as well be cost-effective in the long term for their use-case. We concluded that we would use HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap for the Frontend and the LAMP stack for the Backend Server and that the entire service will be hosted on AWS.

The Final Product

Softrixz delivered a high-quality booking website in a rapid turn-around time with not just with the MVP features but also managed to squeeze in additional features that were planned for a later release.

We were able to deliver the following key essentials in the MVP:

  1. A real-time booking system fully integrated with a payment gateway.
  2. Dynamic Availability calculation of vehicles.
  3. Complex Price Calculation and Estimation.
  4. An Admin Portal to manage the site.
  5. A billing system that is compliant with local laws.
  6. GST Complaint Invoice Generation.

During the entire project, Softrixz worked in an agile and iterative manner, in understanding the client's requirements, incorporating client feedback into our development cycles, and made sure the client was up to date on all developments.

Though ALMISBAH CAR HUB started with just the key essentials, it has grown into a full-fledged car rental site offering multiple core functionalities with Softrixz leading the forefront in the site's development, maintenance of the system, and providing support to the client.

What our Client says about our work

Mohammed Hussainar Photo

Mohammed Hussainar


We at 'JUMHURIAT ALMISBAH' are very happy with our website. Softrixz has done a phenomenal work in terms of design and delivery. We'd highly recommend their web development services.