DesignPoint Website

The Requirement

DesignPoint is a civil-engineering company that provides project management and structural consultancy for civil engineering projects across India.

They have been operating for years without an online presence and their engagement was mostly offline. But in today's online world, having a online presence is key to driving more engagement and brand awareness & recognition. That's where Softrixz comes in, Softrixz helps small-to-medium scale businesses gain an online presence and help capture the previously untapped market areas.

Our Approach

A corporate website needs to have a clean and modern interface while also clearly inform a visitor what a company does and what it offers. A key part of our design philosophy at Softrixz, is to build clean & modern interfaces that engage users and increase interaction. Following this philosophy we went with a minimalist approach to DesignPoint's website requirements which you can see below.

A major problem with hosting websites is the cost. Businesses would have to pay large fixed monthly or yearly server costs for a simple website which can sometimes go upwards of hundreds of dollars per year. These large costs usually scare off businesses from having websites as the cost of hosting the website can cost more than what they get from it and also considering the fact that the traffic to these websites might not be consistent throughout the year. We were able to solve this major hurdle for businesses by using React, Next.js and Serverless Architecture on AWS (Lambda@Edge, S3, CloudFront & DynamoDB).

Before we move on further, let's understand what each of the technologies do for the uninitiated.

  1. React is the most popular UI library right now, it allows you to build highly interactive web apps while being super performant.
  2. Next.js is a React framework that enables functionality such as server-side rendering and generating static websites for React based web applications (Also provides significant SEO and performance benefits).
  3. Serverless is the latest cloud computing architecture where you take the on-demand part of cloud computing to the next level by even allocating resources on-demand.

How serverless works is that there is no server to manage, and since there is no server you do not have to pay for the server. Whenever a user requests to see your website, a specified amount of compute and storage resources are allocated for your code to run and serve the user request. If your code runs for 2 seconds, you are only charged for those 2 seconds. This is in contrast to a typical server environment where you have to pay for the server that is running all the time 24/7.

We used React & Next.js to build the website and "serverless-nextjs" Serverless Component to deploy the website onto AWS on a serverless fashion.

The Final Product

Softrixz delivered a stunning corporate website for DesignPoint and an admin portal with modern UI/UX for them to manage the different aspects of the site such as projects, messages, mailing list, etc. And by using Serverless and Nextjs we were able to reduce the cost of hosting the site by over 90% when compared to your traditional hosting plans. This has been a significant cost saving to the client.

What our client says

Rishab V Kumar Photo

Rishab V Kumar


Softrixz delivered a fantastic website which was much more than what we expected. The development process was an efficient journey with a cooperative nature and they guided us throughout the development process regarding the designs and interface for the website. Hence I highly recommend Softrixz for their commitment to our projects and for the results that they produce.